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Paul Lasakow (lasakow@exis.net)
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 12:46:01 -0400

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> some of my tomatoes growing in pots are getting blossom end rot, which is
> the bottoms of the fruit turning brown and leathery when they get about
> the size of a golf ball.. i've been told to give them calcium and they
> will be fine. what is a good source of calcium? and where can i get it?
> i can defend this as not being off the topic because i use the tomatoes
> for salsas and chili.....please help!!!!!

Try powdered milk, finely crushed egg shells or bone meal for calcium. If I
were in your shoes I would probably try the milk first since you need to get
the nutrient to the plant quickly. Perhaps soaking the crushed shells then
watering with the solution would work as well. Next year, bury shells or
bone meal in the hole under the plant when setting out the plants in spring.
If you're so inclined, here's also chemical sprays you can buy at garden
centers that are supposed to take care of this kind of thing. I don't
advocate using synthetic chemicals, but I find it to be a preferable
alternative to no tomatoes at all.


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