Re: [tomato] Plants quit setting fruit

John & Jan Taylor (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 10:22:43 -0500

Hi there!

I am no pro at this at all...but do know a little....

Did this happen after you gave the plants a good dose of fertilizer?

I know that the numbers on the fertilizer mean something, and the first
number is nitrogen, and I think that is for greening up plants....i.e.
making great hearty green plants w/lots of foilage etc...and if the
nitrogen is really high, there will be beautiful plants but no
fruit...My dad always told me to make that number much lower on
tomatoes...(He swore by 12-24-12 and had super tomatoe plants...with
great tomatoes)

That is the only thing that comes to mind here....

Jan Taylor

Paul and Kathy Lasakow wrote:

> After a very promising early season with lots of fruit (now all
> ripening more or less at once) my tom plants quit making fruit. There
> seems to be some very tiny (1/4") fruits on blossoms, but they don't
> get any bigger. Any ideas?
> Thanks!


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