Re: [tomato] Fruit unripened and plants are withering

John & Jan Taylor (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 13:27:29 -0500


as far as us! Don't know a thing about those "fancy" heirloom
varieties.....but to keep the "gene pool" alive (who said that in an
earlier post???) sounds good to me.

We are a big family, with BIG teen grow our own is almost a
must...but I could not tell you which varieties I have left in the
garden (since the romas have almost roasted to death from the South
Texas Heat) except the Sweet 100 plants are HUGE and provide a great
snack for the kids when they are out side....

Other than that, we are just plain ol' grow your own kinda folks....

And we feel that the bottom line is this:

Our tomatoes this year are delicious and plentiful......errr whatever
kind they are.....

Jan Taylor


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