Re: [tomato] Fruit unripened and plants are withering

ChuckWyatt (
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 17:17:20 -0400


Sojourner South American is a variety brought from Brazil by an Uncle of
Mercy Jane Cap of Fresno, Utah. She originally called it just South
American but when I mentioned that there might be confusion there, she
changed it to Sojiurner South American.

>>I'd submit Dinner Plate as an additional exceptional large red.<< I've
had high hopes but been disappointed twice with that one. If you have good
seed, would you like to swap some?

>>Super Sioux is prone to cracking around the stem end.<< I have found that
one to be outstanding and, as an aside, an Aussie gardening friend thinks
thet's one of the finest to come out of our side of the globe. Different
strokes for different folks.

>>Hey, Chuck, do you know Mark Scarinzi in Maryland? Margaret, who's
49 new-to-her OPs this year. << Mark has the use of a field which belongs
to an absentee owner. He uses it in exchange for keeping it cleared. I
supply him with seedlings, cages and fertilizer and he tends to the weeding
and watering, supposedly. I take enough fruit for seeds and he takes the
rest, as well as copies my descriptions for his web page. Yeah, i know

Good gardening,
Chuck Wyatt