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Granted this is not a cactus story but for all of us that do most of our
cactus contact by e-mail this IS an important issue. I know that a year
ago the phone companies were talking about this and now...

The paragraphs below were copied from another mail list. needs to be
brought out into public discussion before it is put into law.  Note the
address where you can register your concern. Spread the word - note
deadline is  2/13/98.

I am writing you this to inform you of a very important matter currently

under review by the FCC. Your local telephone company has filed a
proposal with
the FCC to impose per minute charges for internet service. They contend
your usage has or will hinder the operation of the telephone network.
It is my belief that internet usage will diminish if users were required
pay additional per minute charges. The FCC has created an email box for
your comments, responses must be received by February 13, 1998. Send
comments and tell them what you think.