Re: [tomato] spring

Ian Stoba and Laurie Mandigo-Stoba (
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 10:01:31 -0800

>>>anybody know of any good paste tomatoes to grow this year ?<<
>"Opalka" is about two inches across and six inches long.  It has great
>flavor and can be used as a fresh variety although it is superb as a paste
>type.  The seeds scrape out very easily when the fruit is split down the
>middle and this makes "Opalka" a great variety for drying too.
>Another that's much the same is "Howard German."
>"Amish Paste" is a big, plump plum type, weighing about six ounces, that is
>wonderfully sweet and very prolific.
>Chuck Wyatt

Has anyone tried Orange Banana?  I have seeds for it and was thinking of
giving it a try this year.

Laurie Mandigo-Stoba
San Francisco