Re: [tomato] Tomato Question

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 06:50:59 -0700

At 05:56 PM 2/13/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I received this message and thought this list could help. What
>do you think is the most popular tomato dish in this country?
>> Dear DD,
>> My name is Yuri Osugi and am working for Japanese TV.
>> I am researching about Tomato and Tomato dishes in the States for
>> Japanese TV program called "Aru Aru Daijiten" which means "Encyclopedia
>> of the untold secrets".  
>> This time, I have an assignment to find the most popular Tomato dish in
>> the states.
>> Yuri Osugi
>> Japanese TV Director
Salsa.  Margaret