Re: [tomato] Mycorrhizal Fungi Experiments

John & Jan Taylor (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:03:45 -0600

Have read the  Mycorrhizal Fungi Experiments (and comments)  with interest. Was
especially impressed with the yields.

However, as most of you know, I am just a plain ol' common gardener. Time is a
real factor lately in even getting my seeds started! It is on the top of my list
of 'to do's' for the weekend though, and I am not very fancy in doing it. I save
those clear produce containers all year--the ones with vent holes in the top--and
use those for my mini green houses. They sit on a table on my back porch, so that
I can keep an eye on  them from my office! One day I plan to have a green house,
or to make hot beds....again, time is a real factor.

I live just south of San Antonio (a stones throw in fact) and have a sandy soil.
I 'fix it up' by adding in well aged compost from a barn (I have unlimited access
to the barn scrapings), some leaves that I gather, yard clippings, etc. Sometimes
I remember to add in fresh veggie peels, etc. Not a "professional" compost, but a
nice one anyway. Last year we did pretty good with our tomato plants and got
(guessing) well over 100 lbs with 20 plants. I fertilize with Miracle Grow
occasionally. Seven dust if the grasshoppers are a major problem.,  but I really
hesitate putting any pesticides on the plants. Think we get enough in our bodies
by the veggies from the produce stands. Yes, I have problems with bugs sometimes
(my fall greens were destroyed in 2 days with some kind of spider like mite...but
the snow peas were looking excellent until the hail storm!), but nothing major. I
would like to know more about organic pest control, but know there are some kooks
and crazy things (there was discussion in this mailing list last year about
that...) The neighbors chickens are welcome sometimes in the garden, and believe
it or not, they don't touch the fruit, but have a field day with bugs! I guess
that is pretty natural?

I am unlike you in that I have not tried the heirlooms, but instead, as most
folks, just start from the "walmart' seeds. Heirlooms are interesting, and I plan
to get into that (with the help of you fine folks) at some point. However,
feeding teens is my primary goal right now!

I said all that to say this: I am not the professional gardener like most of you
folks are. I do try to set aside my Sunday afternoons for garden work (more for
the therapy of it...can't beat it, nor could any shrink prescribe any thing
better!) BUT! If I could produce more fruit I am game!

I stay on this mailing list because all of you are much more knowledgeable than I
am on gardening. In the year I have been on this list I have learned a lot! And,
I am passionate in growing tomatoes!I may not be the professional tomato grower,
but I do it with a lot of enthusiasm!

Would like to know more about this Mycorrhizal Fungi, where do you get it, etc.
Please, any info on it should be in easy to read terms!

Would also like to know from Doreen: What do the KTRH Garden Show guys say about
this? I miss listening to those guys! (I am sure you know who I am talking
about!) Can't pick it up here very well, if at all.

Jan Taylor