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Wed, 25 Feb 1998 10:13:32 -0600

Hi Lynne!

Kathy is right! This list tends to be very quite during the winter
months,(I guess we all go into hibernation!)  but now, as spring
I would think that because it has been quite during the last few days is
that many have been outside in the garden!
Yes, hang in there. We do become quite 'talkative'....

Just had a wonderful discussion concerning Mycorrhizal Fungi Experiments.

I would be happy to forward you all the discussion on it.

(I had not even heard about that Fungi until this list, and now I am very
interested in using was very interesting reading!)

Tell us where you are and about your gardening! Folks on this list are
spread all over the country!

Glad to have you aboard!

Jan Taylor
'Plain ol common gardener" LOL!!

San Antonio, Texas

Hopton, Kathy wrote:

> to lynne mcginnis:
> this list is quite active.
> however, the last posting to the list, i believe, was on 20 feb.
> hang in there. 'tis the season.
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> > Is this list active?  I subscribed a few days ago, but haven't seen
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