Re: [tomato] dappling leaves

connie hoy (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:45:03 -0800

Assuming there is no chlrosis(iron deficient)I have read that a virus in
the plant tissue, sometimes cause loss of pigment/chlorophyll.Beyond
that perhaps others can offer their opinions...Perhaps you have created
a rare varigated tomato form,might be something of value who knows.
Wish you a good tomato season.

Connie Hoy

Ian Stoba and Laurie Mandigo-Stoba wrote:
> I have a question for you more experienced (than me;) tomato growers.  I
> have Gold Nugget seedlings growing right now, and they have a curious
> dappling on the leaves of lighter green/yellow.  The newest leaves aren't
> affected, but I'm not sure if it just takes some time to appear or not.  At
> first, I thought it might be a nutrient deficiency, so I gave them a drink
> of dilluted compost tea about a week ago.  No change so far.  I normally do
> this when potting up, but might have missed these guys.  They are now about
> 10" tall, and otherwise look healthy.  I have another 6" gold nugget which
> doesn't have this leaf discoloration, and none of my other seedlings have
> it.  I grew them from four year old seed (poorly protected for four years,
> I might add), so I was lucky to get any of these seedlings going, but I'd
> rather not risk infecting other plants, and I've plenty of other varieties
> that I'm more excited about growing.  Any ideas on what it might be?
> Should I just pitch these two and hope the third produces something?
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Regards,
> Laurie Mandigo-Stoba
> San Francisco