Re: [tomato] dappling leaves

Ian Stoba and Laurie Mandigo-Stoba (
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 09:35:39 -0800

>One more question.  Are the older leaves wilting, drying up and falling off as
>this progresses?  If so then it may be fusarium wilt and the plants should be

No, there isn't any wilting whatsoever.
>If not then and the leaves have a bronzy cast it could be potassium
>If no bronzy cast and the plants are not actively growing then its a nitrogen
>deficiency.  I suggest feeding with a *regularly* a good fertilizer of your
>choice.  A small amount in every watering is probably better than larger
>feedings less often if they are in small pots.  Feed both the roots and the
>foliage for a more rapid cure.

No bronzy cast either, but they are continuing to grow quite well.  The
light color is very lemony, just a light green.  They might be a tad leggy,
but I attributed that to being cramped under the lights, which I just
expanded.  I'll definately give more regular feeding a try.  They do seem
much better than before I fed them last week.
>I hope this helps.  Sometimes tomato problems are hard to diagnose so you
>have to try several different things.
Thanks so much for your help, we may save these guys yet!