Re: [tomato] wilting plants

Kimberlee Simmons/ (
Fri, 1 May 1998 07:28:15 +0500

There is a place in Georgia that sells nothing but tomato 
seeds...hundres of kinds!  Their names is "Totally Tomatoes" and I'm 
sure they have lots of experience and knowledge...(rummaging around 
looking for catalog to get the phone number)...ah, here it is: (813) 
663-0016 (Augusta GA.)  *Free Catalog Alert* <BG>  Maybe they have 
seedling you can buy?  I know you can get them at other places, but 
they might have neat varieties or ones especially suited to your 
area.  The catalog doesn't sell seedlings, but if you can actually 
get there, they might have some to sell you.  ;-)

BTW, I will be gettiong tomato seeds form there next year.,...I got 
the catalog in late april this year, far too late to start seed.  :-(


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