[tomato] One wilting tomato plant

Pat & Alex (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 16:17:29 -0700

I'm very happy to discover the tomato list! Although we have what seems
to me to be a short season here in Maryland, I am a very enthusiastic
tomato gardener and enjoy trying new varieties, especially of cherry
tomatoes. This year I am growing eight varieties of cherry tomatoes, as
well as Better Boy, Rutgers, Celebrity, and Better Bush tomatoes.

Here is my question:
I have a yellow pear tomato plant that has just wilted overnight. It is
still standing but the leaves and branches are hanging down. There are
no spots, no yellow or brown leaves -- in fact, the plant has excellent
color. When I saw the wilting this morning I thought perhaps I hadn't
been watering deeply enough, so I gave the garden a good watering. By
afternoon the wilt was worse!

We have had an unusual spring, first wet and cold, then very hot, and
now cool again. I did have another plant in the same spot which had
wilted, but that was very early spring after soaking rains, and the
plants were still quite small. I didn't think much of this when
replanting, however, since my Better Boy had also started to wilt, but
revived and is now doing well.

In previous years the yellow pear has been one my most vigorous and
hardy growers. It is surrounded by happy, health plants. I can't figure
this one out, and I am wondering if surrounding plants might become

I did go through the archives, reading the previous threads on wilting
tomatoes -- It seems I'm not alone -- but didn't find an answer there. I
am interested to know more about the bacterial problem in Zach's
tomatoes, and what measures were recommended.

I would appreciate any advice!

Zone 7, Maryland