Re: [tomato] inactive list

John & Jan Taylor (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 17:14:28 -0500


I have not received any mail either...but have not been busy eating
tomatoes...instead, watching my tomatoes knot up and cry out because of the
tremendous heat and lack of rain.

Have plenty of blooms.....and big plants (that have taken on some very
unusual growth patterns)....oh well....maybe if I keep watering and doing
the rain dance I will have fresh tomatoes by next least these
plants are very much alive (unlike most folks around here..)

Big Texas Grin and Howdy to everyone!

Jan Taylor
San Antonio, Texas

Marlynn Marcks wrote:

> I haven't received any tomato mail in a month.  Are all of you out there
> busily eating them and not writing.  Is there an archives?
> Marlynn