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Keith M. Warman (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:27:01 -0400

Good advise.  I give them a good shake (and a side of fries).  Also, I try
not to do it while they are wet, because it could promote disease.  One
other thing, there is blossom set spray you can buy at a garden center that
will encourage tomato growth, but I'm not sure about the chemistry of how
that works or if it would help in your situation.

At 08:45 PM 7/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Howdy;  My understanding is that tomatos are self fertilyzing.  They only
>require a little motion via little wind, etc.  (I use an electric
toothbrush or
>fans inside my greenhouse)  A litttle shake a couple of times a day seems
to do
>the trick.  Good luck.  Tom
>> Marlynn Marcks wrote:
>> > I haven't received any tomato mail in a month.  Are all of you out there
>> > busily eating them and not writing.
>> I agree, it's a pretty quiet list. Basically, I'm a lurker, but now I
have a
>> need to know question.
>> Every year I put netting over my tomatos to defend against crows and
>> squirrels. This year I put a new net and discovered that it has such a fine
>> mesh that a honey bee could barely get through it.
>> So my question ... are tomatos self fertile or do they need insect
>> polinators?
>> Many thanks   Ed   Flynn    Maryland   Zone 6/7

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