Re: [tomato] It's your turn

Kim Van Scoy (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 14:29:32 -0500

At 09:35 AM 10/18/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Not to contribute to an argumentative discussion, but I agree.  I have signed
>off of several lists that Margaret was on because of her argumentative nature.

Seems to me that rather than sign off a list you might simply opt not
to read threads by Margaret if you find her so very offensive.
  It's easy on most mailers - simply delete
the message and it's gone.  I agree Margaret  can sometimes sound
rather abrupt, but I've gotten a wealth of good advice from her and I'm 
happy that she contributes as much as she does.   

Also - when the list got very quiet, I attributed it to everyone being busy
in the garden!  Now seems to be the perfect time to reflect on all we
accomplished during the last growing season (unless you are in 
Florida now - my dad is just planting his tomatoes!!).  Thanks to 
everyone who has offered me advice and shared their successes and

Happy Autumn!  Kim
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