[tomato] good keepers

Margaret Lauterbach (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 06:55:43 -0600

Has anyone grown any "good keeping" tomatoes?  Two years ago I grew
Burpee's Long Keeper, and that one tasted like hot dogs.  My young editor
loved tomatoes and I gave him a couple without telling him my opinion of
the flavor, but he later told me he didn't like them.  When I told him I
thought they tasted like hot dogs, he was amused.  Last year I grew the
Rev. Morrow's Long Keeper, and that tomato seemed to be doomed.  DH dropped
the whole box of them off a stack of tires, then mice got into them in the
basement.  I did rescue two, and some time later, they tasted okay, but
were quite pallid in color, only fair in flavor.  A friend sent me seeds
for Graham's Good Keeper this year, and they're golf ball sized, rotting as
quick or more quickly than any other tomato in the basement.  

The best keeping tomato I've ever grown was the bell pepper-shaped yellow
stuffer, and it doesn't claim to be a keeper.  I suspect the hollowness of
the main part of the tomato adds to its keeping ability.  If anyone has
found a truly good keeper, I'd like to know about it.  Margaret