[tomato] What will it take?/Was:Seems insane to me

coneh@uswest.net (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:38:23 -0700

I am heartened to see these (although scant)posts discussing Monsantos Seed
.But I must ask you as a group(non-responders) how* you *feel about this issue..
Previous posts informing this and various other list-groups of this subject
raised so little response that I have little recourse but to ask directly :
*what do you think,feel and why?*?
*Have you availed yourself of the information regards this subject?*(if not why
*Or have you chosen to ignore it as Hype?or what ever your own personal reason *
*Are you aware that there is a petition,on-line which you can sign?)

I am baffled as to the apparent apathy and seeming indifference to this issue .If
you eat from the Corporate Farms(few to none of us are truly self
sufficient.)this will affect ,if not you ,your children ,grandchildren,etc.
As growers it would seem that  as a group you would be in the forefront of
Please advise what it will take to obtain feed-back from you.
You may disagree that this is a threat, if so thats acceptable,just come on and
let your thoughts be *heard*..
We can make a difference but only in collective numbers.
Working for you and against the clock.

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

> At 05:35 PM 10/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
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> It seems insane because it is insane.  Hitler lives, but he's with the
> USDA.  With "friends" like that, we don't need enemies.  If we don't want
> to see a wracking famine, we'll have to pay Monsanto whatever price they
> ask, year after year, to buy seeds for third world countries to grow and
> eat.  Newscasters are even afraid of this story.  They put it out, say the
> altered genes have been shown to be transferred to other plants then a
> feeble "heh, heh" and they move on more confidently to something else.
> Margaret
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