Re: [tomato] Terminator

Kim Van Scoy (
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 09:39:50 -0600

     Thanks for the comments.  Perhaps you could clarify for me as like most folks
it's hard to be sure the information we read and are passing on is correct.  Are you 
saying that Monsanto and AHP did not merge?  I seem to remember hearing that they
did and think I got it from several news sources.  I'm curious why it was so newsworthy
when they were "going to merge" and yet I heard nothing about it when "it was 
called off".  
     In that case Monsanto still owns the patent?  Why then does AHP worry about
possible litigation?  I'm sorry to be so obtuse, I'm just happy to get the information from 
someone directly involved (or atleast more directly involved!).  Thanks - Kim