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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 09:56:08 EST

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> Is a 4 foot fluorescent light fixture containing 4 tubes, 400 watts each
>  sufficient?  Too much?
I only have experience with 40 watt 4 foot bulbs, which are okay if you don't
crowd the plants after 3 or 4 weeks.  Keep the light 1 inch or so from the
tops.  Arrange in descending order of size so all plants have an equal chance.
>  Is there any harm in leaving that fixture on 24 hrs/day, since it's
>  wired into a switch?
buy a timer at the hardware store.  I use 16 hours for 8 weeks with good
>  OK, three questions.  Where is a good, INEXPENSIVE source for obtaining
>  what is necessary for heat underneath the seedlings?
I used to use a heating wire that was set to 80F or so and taped it to the
bottom of the shelves.  I don't think you need the heat to enhance the growth
rate indoors.  During the day the light will keep them quite warm    If it is
less than 60F at night then maybe it makes sense.
Good Luck,
Jaime (in the Santa Cruz Mountains of N. CA)