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Sat, 16 Jan 1999 15:49:25 -0600

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I have been an admirer of Carolyn Male and Chuck Wyatt for a long time:it's a
pleasure to read your stuff!  My wife and I do not look at seed catalogs until
Jan 1 so we are off and running. I would appreciate a copy of your 'taters for
99.  Last year my son and I grew 40 varieties--all open pollinated except
one--Sungold.  Many thanks for improving my life and many many others.

Victor deGrazia
1103 RFD
Long grove Il, 60047

> The acclimatization of a tomato variety to a particular area may or may not
> be a major factor in how that variety performs.  With most of the better
> known varieties in the US there will be little variation within the US.  I
> do experience considerable loss of quality, however, when growing out seed
> from my Aussie buddy, Steve Parton.  When a variety is grown under
> different soil or climactic conditions than those to which it is
> accustomed, there may be a loss of flavor, size, production or all three.
> If the seed is saved each year and planted again there is often a reversion
> to the original state.  This will usually happen in one or two generations
> and is known as acclimatization.
> BTW my list of new 'maters for '99 is complete and all who would like a
> copy please send your name and address by E mail or other secure method.
> Good gardening,
> Chuck Wyatt

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