[tomato] Red plastic mulch

Celeste or Dave Anderson (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 08:55:15 +0000

We have a nursery specializing in perennials, mostly daylilies and 
belong to a daylily mailing list. Yesterday a hybridizer mentioned 
that his daylily seedlings were three times larger when started in 
red plastic cups versus white insulated cups. This led to a 
discussion on reflected red light.

Gardens Alive sells a red plastic mulch called "Turbo-Tomato" which 
they say was developed by the USDA and Clemson University and 
supposedly increases tomato yields by 12-20%. I wonder if any of you 
have tried it and what the results were.

I'm not a pure organic gardner, but I recommend the Gardens Alive 
catalog. It has some of the best pictures of pests and diseases that 
I have seen.

Their phone # is 812-537-5108

Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.
e-mail Chilehead@tough-love.com