Re: [tomato] bees

Tom Eilers (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 19:34:44 -0800

Shouldn't make much difference what-ever the impact on the bees are,
'cause my understanding is that bees aren't that significant when it comes
to pollinating the tomato blooms.  A little breeze or a shake does the
trick  quite nicely.  Tom

Byron.Bromley wrote:

> Someone posted about galavnized metal screwing the flight of bees.
> What happens when you use white or silver mulches ? Does it
> mess bees up so they won't pollenate those plants ?
> If it does, how do the "experts claim greater production", unless they
> are out hand pollenateing ?? If they are doing that then where is
> the time/labor/increased yeild tradeoff??
> ???
> Byron