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John and Jan Taylor (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 12:18:23 -0600

There was a big discussion about this time last year on mycorrhiza inoculant.
Doreen Howard was the one who posted the info on her 'experiments', and a large
discussion took place. Don't know if Doreen is still on the list...

I saved all the emails and would be glad to forward them.....but would like to
hear discussions start again on this...

BTW Dillon Family, where on the Texas Gulf Coast are you?

Jan Taylor
San Antonio, Texas

Dillon Family wrote:

> I'm brand new to gardening, and was wondering what Bio-Vam mycorrhiza
> inoculant was?  Where do you purchase it and how is it applied?  Would it
> help the tomatoes grown down here in the Texas Gulf Coast?  Any help you can
> give a newbie gardener is very much appreciated, TIA, and please reply to
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> The same thing goes for huckleberries too!  I have a gallon of those in my
> freezer.  Every time the freezer door is opened, it's almost like they are
> beckoning me to get some ice cream and add a few huckleberries.  Yummy!
> Sorry for the off topic fruit stuff.  So, a little about tomato's...  I am
> looking forward to growing some sweet 100's cherry tomato's with some of our
> Bio-Vam mycorrhiza inoculant this year.  I want to grow the plant in a large
> enough container so I can bring it into the house during the next winter
> have have a nice tomato harvest going all winter long.  When I used VAM
> fungi on our beefsteak tomato's they came on one month early.
> Thomas Giannou
> Spokane, Washington
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> >> .  We
> >> have used the cookie sheet method for freezing Raspberries.  After they
> are
> >> frozen, they can be put into bags or plastic containers and kept in the
> >> freezer.  They stay separate from one another that way and make a great
> >> snack.
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> >Ditto for Blueberries       Ed  Flynn
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