[tomato] Re:

Marg. (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 21:28:05 -0600

Hi Thomas Giannou,
    Thanks to you, Thomas Giannoe, for those resources of more
information on Mycorrhiza.  I will start with the one from West
Virginia, I think.  It looked most interesting to me, as I hurriedly
bookmarked each one to study later.  (I am not planning on it taking the
rest of my life, though.)
    After doing quite a bit of reading on it, I have ordered some
Mycorrhiza root booster from another company, which was mentioned in one
of the newsletters last year.  I am going to experiment with it on half
of my Habanero chile pepper plants, and on some other vegetables.  I
will also use it on some of the heirloom tomato seeds I purchased from
Chuck Wyatt.
    I am so excited to try heirloom tomatoes this year, thanks to
Margaret's letters to the list, Chuck's letters, and others.  Since it
will be my FIRST experience with HEIRLOOM tomatoes, I will try
Mycorrhiza on only a few to compare the results with the other seeds not
receiving that treatment.  I have absolute trust and confidence in Chuck
Wyatt's words concerning gardening, but I am also a very curious
    I want to learn more (in addition to what I have read so far) about
the validity of the claims and research studies made on  Mycorrhiza.  At
the end of the summer, I will report on my "unscientific" experiment,
and let you know if I feel very foolish for ever trying it.
Marguerite Ruch
On the shores of Truman Lake in Missouri