[tomato] nastiness

margaret lauterbach (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 08:07:12 -0700

All right, I just started to read my mail and read yet another broadside
from the vitriolic Ms. Kuczwanski.  She accuses me of using the worst term
possible to characterize Giannou's "message" as spam.  It is not the first
time he has used this list to try to sell his product.  It was spam then,
and it is spam now.  He has three posts today, totalling 24k, all of which
I expect to be spam.  This would absolutely not be allowed on other lists.
Perhaps he owns "globalgarden" or perhaps Kuczwanski does.  Unfortunately,
I don't.  

For all I know she is more than just another subscriber to him.  I just
posted excerpts from an article published in The American Gardener.  You
can read the whole article yourselves in the library (July/August '98).
There is NO mention that anyone "invented" mycorrhizae...it's always been
my understanding that man discovers what God or Nature created.  Commercial
people associated with mycorrhizae quoted in the article are Don Chapman of
Bio/Organics and Elaine Ingham of Soil Foodweb, Inc.  I saw no mention of
Giannou's holy grail creator.  

I've always thought that the rudest thing anyone could do was to call
someone rude.  I've never called anyone rude before, but I'm now calling
Kuczwanski rude.  I'm sick of her unsolicited nastiness.  Margaret