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Sun, 7 Mar 1999 18:36:47 -0700

Doreen - We don't use dormant oil sprays in the low desert in the spring and
summer because the sun heating the oil burns and damages the foliage.  Do
you think we would have the same problem with neem oil?  -Olin

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Subject: [tomato] Fungicides

>About the use of fungicides and mycorrhizal fungi:  any soil drench is
>to kill mycorr.  But, contact fungicides that coat plants and don't
>penetrate the soil are OK.  I've found that neen seed oil works well on
>tomato plants and roses.  And, I previously (until 7 months ago) gardened
>the most fungi-riddled area of the country--on the hot, humid Gulf Coast of
>Texas in Zone 9b.  Blights, particularly, were the biggest enemies of
>tomatoes.  A profalactic spray program with neem seed oil worked well in
>keeping early blight (septoria) at bay.
>Doreen Howard
>Zone 5b--Central Illinois