[tomato] Tomato Height.

Paul Reynolds (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 18:52:17 -0600


No, I didn't apply extra nitrogen and yes my tomato plants were 7+ foot.
In fact, I had a roma that went 10+.  The only source of nitrogen that I
had was that applied with the 10-20-10 and manure in the mix that I
described previously.

Varieties were Beefmaster or Beefsteak, can't remember which, and Roma.
Had an abundance of fruit.  In fact, the plants were so heavily laden
that they were literally crushing and bending my cages when they drooped
so heavily.  The biggest problem I had with the Beefs was that the fruit
was swelling so much that they were splitting on me.

However, I had placed my plants along the edges of the drip line of a
pear tree.  With our soils here, I found this to be the best place for
my tomatos.  They would recieve at least 5 hours of sunshine, but, were
protected from the heat.  I had tomatos all the way into the first of
August, then a re-bloom, Romas only, in September.

Now, I never took any soil samples, but, there seemed to be something
"extra" beneath that pear tree.  I've not had time to research the
chemical composition of pears either.  Might be that composted or dried
and powdered pears would be the way to go as far as a supplement to
tomatos??  :-))  I wouldn't know and all I know is that I had darned
good results.


Paul Reynolds
Austin, Texas