RE: [tomato] Gray water (blue water). (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 22:25:05 -0500

Paul wrote:
Also, I'm very familiar with the water woes in the San Antonio area.
Have you ever given thought to putting in a drip system for your
water??  You can use drip on the surface, but, my preference would be to
have the lines and emitters placed about a foot beneath the surface.
Much less evaporative loss and should be below what you would usually
have as a till pan (plow pan in agriculture).  Of course, it wouldn't be
too much of a problem to pull it up every year so you could till.
Er, not too many spots in San Antonio offer 12" of topsoil!!! 1-2" of
topsoil over 600+ feet of solid limestone and granite is more the
norm....and I've got the Bexar, Gillespie, Llano, and Kerr county soil maps
sitting beside me as I write this <grin>. Raised beds are pretty much a
requirement in SA.....and not too many folks are in the habit of running
through their raised beds with a plow (would be a really interesting looking
plow, too!).

Drip irrigation is almost a requirement in SA.....but laying the lines a
inch under the soil/mulch line is more than adequate IMHO.

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b and Fredericksburg, TX zone 8a