Re: [tomato] Re: Monsanto/terminator seeds

Byron.Bromley (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 17:43:00 -0500


I think you are forgetting the 1st rule of Politics, 
The Golden Rule.
Those who have the Gold, Make the Rules.

Until you can line their pockets with more gold than
Gates or Monsanto or others in the same class you
can forget changing the rules. 

Regretfully that the way it is.

How do I fight it, the only way I can, is by not voting for an incubit


From: Richard Yarnell <>
Subject: [tomato] Re: Monsanto/terminator seeds
Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 1:09 PM

_Before_, I say before you go talking to your Reps, please do some
background reading.  A carefully evaluated reading of several lists and
news groups will help (look for sigs) via the web and "deja news" should

The important issues are not profits to Monsanto (although their motive
begins there), but are the potential effect on the ability of the world's
population to feed itself and the possible effects on the ability of the
biosphere to survive.  

Once the reading is done and you can cite the the real dangers involved,
then contact your Rep, VP Gore and your own State's Governor and Reps.
Check the reasons other governments have rejected the technology to date.

And as you evaluate this data, keep an eye out for articles on herbicide
resistant seeds "Round-up Ready" which will permit wholesale use of broad
spectrum herbicides over large areas.

>Thanks for the tidbit.  This is something that has been brewing for
>several years now.  In all honesty, I feel as though Monsanto is gettin
>too big for their britches.
>This needs to be nipped in the bud because it will ultimately affect
>those of us that are just interested in gardening.  Will increase the
>price of seed tremendously and there are a few gardeners that do save
>seed.  I for one have been guilty of saving seed, or developing my own
>little varieties of okra seed by using two completely different seed
>sources and crossing them during pollination and saving seed for a new
>planting to get the better benefits of both varieties.  It works too.
>I strongly urge all folks that are in an area where this is happening to
>call your representative to let them know how you feel about it.
>Fortunately, I don't believe there is a bill for that here in Texas.
>I've read the list of proposed bills and haven't seen anything come up.
>Thanks for the warning too!!
>Paul Reynolds
>Austin Texas
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