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Louis Mensing (
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I for one believe you can take as many chances as you wish...just don't
promote them with your credentials.  The notion of carnivore feces being OK
in your compost heap has a STRONG caution from those knowledgeable about
such practices.  No matter how close family-wise you feel towards your cats,
you do not know where they have stepped or contacted parasites or diseases
that could infect others.  Even if your cats are 'never' let outside on the
ground, I"ll bet that you can't rely on that 100%.  The point here
is...don't take crazy chances.  Especially, don't advocate procedures that
those that may not be as careful as even you may purport to be might follow
to their demise.

Also Paul, ultra-violet has nothing to do with heat per se.  It is another
kind of reaction.

Louis Mensing
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Subject: [tomato] Mr. Yarnell's comments.

>I for one am not concerned with organisms that come out of my house.  I
>live in that house and those organisms are a part of my everyday life.
>If there were harmful substances, I'm already exposed to them and am
>probably at more harm in my house.
>And please, if you have information on "bugs" that are harmful to people
>that are so hardy that they can live at temps of 98 degrees long enough
>to infect people, send me the information so I can forward it to some of
>our biological folks here at the agency.  We are permitting ultra violet
>treatment systems for wastewater and I know that these don't reach high
>enough temps to take care of any water borne pathogens at those
>Paul Reynolds