[tomato] Cool White Vs. Full Spectrum

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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 10:19:52 -0500

Well Chuck....seems you were right.  This was posted on the Wildlife list.
Thought you like to see it.    Pete

>>> On another gardening list group, one experienced gardener said that the
> light bulbs do as good a job as the full spectrum plant lights.

Yes, all commercial growers use cool white flourescent tubes which
usually cost only 99 cents each. I have dozens of cool-white in my
micropropagation lab. An ordinary 100 watt light bulb is also perfect if
that is more convenient. I use high pressure sodium vapor lamps in my
Greenhouse night and cloudy days. They cost $300 each. One 400 watt lamp
covers 5.5 by 11 foot table nicely. This is the same lamp used to light
streets except around astronomy telescopes where the wavelength ruins
viewing of stars.
  I once read a 150 page book by Sylvania reporting the results  on a
hundred different fluorescent coatings. None was superior to cool white.

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