Re: [tomato] While my tomatoes are growing.....I went to butterfly world

Daniel Gillman (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:47:15 -0700

I'm curious about self watering containers.  I'm a bit of a neophyte
compared to some on this list, though I've managed to grow Brandywine and
some other heirlooms here in Culver City on the westside of Los Angeles,
which seems to border zones 22 & 24.  I also have a pool, which has
considerably more sun than garden area. I've grown tomatos in large redwood
tubs I built to take advantage of the sun, but am intriqued by the idea of
self watering containers. How exactly do they work?

Also curious about your vertical (verticle) containers for the sweet 100
cherries. I want to grow these and was wondering what you type of container
you use.

Thanks in advance for any information you can send my way.

Dan G.

>My  planters for my sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are doing good.
>They're full of green fruit.  The ones in the raised garden are building a
>jungle...thank goodness tomatoes turn red when ripe (most of them).....
>Tried some Jiffy Mix, god, the suggestions to soak that stuff in water
>overnight was not a joke.

I  Took some large self watering containers and put
>them along my chain link fence.  Planted some yard long pole beans (oriental
>variety, natch)  and some more  Santa grape tomatoes in another container.
>The water sprinklers can reach them so I hope that will take care of them.
>The pole beans should climb up and out over the chain link fence.....I
>thought it would be an easy way to "extend" my raised garden.  In another
>large self watering container, I transplanted some seedlings for SUN Gold
>Cherries,  Santa Grape tomato, & one pepperoncini plant.  Put it in the
>screened in area of my pool.  I like to swim and relax looking at my growing