Re: [tomato] Chinese Red Lantern Tomatoes?

Celeste or Dave Anderson (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:55:55 +0000

Let me weigh in on this one. Husk tomatoes or Tomatillos are members 
of the Physalis family. They are solanaceae like tomatoes, egg 
plants and peppers and they certainly are edible. They are an 
important salsa ingredient. I don't believe that they are closely 
enough related to cross pollinate each other and of course it would 
only matter if you were saving seeds. Cross pollination of various 
tomato varieties would be much more likely IMHO. 

Most commercial seed peppers and tomatoes are never grown within less 
than a three mile distance from each other to prevent cross 
pollination by insects.

> The Chinese Lantern tomatoes are otherwise known as husk tomatoes and my
> understanding is that they are likely to cross pollinate our present day
> edible varieties.  i would urge caution in growing them closer than 100
> feet of other tomatoes from which you plan to save seed.
> Chuck Wyatt
Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.