Re: [tomato] Chinese Red Lantern Tomatoes?

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> The Chinese Lantern tomatoes are otherwise known as husk tomatoes and my
> understanding is that they are likely to cross pollinate our present day
> edible varieties.  i would urge caution in growing them closer than 100
> feet of other tomatoes from which you plan to save seed.

Thanx for the info.  Seems odd, as they are being advertised as an 
heiloom seed, and I was under the assumption (remember, I just 
started semi-seriously gardening last year) that heirlooms tended 
to stay 'pure'.  

In anycase, bowing to your vastly greater experience & 
knowledge...should I worry more about the Lanterns, or the other 
types I grow?  I plan on a couple of Brandywines this year for sure, 
as well as a couple of other heirloom varieties, and if I save seed 
from any of them... <knowledgeless shrug>


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