RE: [tomato] Creating your own heirlooms? (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 09:34:16 -0600


It sounds like you are interested in doing amateur breeding to create your
"own" variety of tomatoes. It sounds like fun to me, and one of these
seasons (maybe even this one) I am going to do some crossing too. It's also
a great way to teach kids about biology, genetics, etc.

To get you started, I recommend a book by Carol Deppe, "Create Your Own
Vegetable Varieties". Your local library should have a copy. It's a very
informative and practical lesson on breeding all sorts of veggies, including

Forgive me if someone has already made this recommendation; I've been having
problems getting my tomato digests lately and this is the first one I've
read in a while.

But yeah, I guess you can't call it an heirloom until it's been handed down
to someone.

Good luck!
Matt Gibbs