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Chuck, I'm not taking sides......what organization does  RAFI stand for.
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>Hi Linda,
>I did work for Meyer Seeds in Baltimore.a company which was ewstablished in
>1910.  I have severed that connection, however.
>I'll let the others who have had dealings with Shumway or Totally Tomatoes
>voice their opinions.
>Monsanto bears the weight of the following quote.  "Hope Shand, Research
>Director of RAFI.
> >>  "We weren't surprised to learn that Monsanto is
>behind the bill, because the company is already waging a ferocious
>campaign against seed-saving farmers and it's actively developing the
>controversial suicide seeds - or Terminator technology," said Shand.
>Terminator is a technique for genetically altering a plant so that the
>seeds it produces are sterile.  Plants cross pollinated by those possessing
>the terminator gene may also be affected.<<
>Good gardening,
>Chuck Wyatt