Re: [tomato] Terminator ++

Celeste or Dave Anderson (
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 12:51:17 +0000

Sorry Byron,

The only thing I know about terminator technology is what I've read 
about it. To the best of my knowledge it has only been attempted in 
soybeans and cotton to this point.

I think it's bad science and am totally against it.

> In an earlier thread on Chile Heads list some one posted some info
> on terminator seeds, If I recall correctly it was soybean and it was Ohio.
> In the process of saving seed it had to got thru a special process.
> So all seeds went to a processing station.
> If a farmer attempted to save more than his "Alotment" he was fined
> and the excess taken away from him..
> I think this is going too far.
> Maybe Dave Anderson or Nels might still have this info.
> Byron
Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.