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Sat, 3 Apr 1999 21:36:16 -0600

The book is "How to Grow World Record Tomatoes," by Charles H. Wilber of
Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  The publisher is Acres USA.  It's in bookstores
nationwide or can be
ordered by calling (800) 355-5313. Price is $14.95 plus shipping. Mr. Wilber
is 82 years old and quite a character--very opinionated.  I interviewed him
for a magazine article, and I found it hard to get in a word edgewise.  You
may not agree with all he has to say, but it's interesting.  As, someone
mentioned, his techniques are NOT new.  He prunes off the suckers on the 20
foot plants by standing on scaffolding on top of ladders!
Doreen Howard
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Date: Saturday, April 03, 1999 7:41 PM
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>"how to grow world record tomatoes"  is this the guy who developed the
>system of planting four tomato plants in a square area,  either in the
>garden or in a moveable container....and made his own liquid fertlizer by
>putting granular minerals in a bag, and soaking them in a pail of water?  I
>think he was from Long Island, New York or upstate or something?
>Pete, South Florida
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>>"Techhead" wrote:
>>Has anyone read "How To Grow World Record Tomato's"? This was written by
>>Guinness record holder for the world's biggest tomato plant
>>The guy is a fascinating individual. If I remember correctly he's in his
>>mid-80s and still gardening to beat the band.