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Do you have a url for how Kudzu is processed as a substance to remove the
desire for alcohol consumption?  Is it something that removes a craving for
alcohol or is it something that makes people ill if they take it and then
consume alcohol?  I wonder how much Kudzu would have to be harvested in
order to produce a decent volume of whatever it is... for treating
alcoholics.  I've never heard of this before and I try to stay up on current
research in the field.  Do you suppose the US simply is not taking advantage
of what kudzu has to offer?  It seems to me that some of the benefits could
possibly be a valid reason for harvesting this "weed" rather than trying to
kill it off.

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Thomas Giannou
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>Kudzu is used in the Orient for soups and is used as a treatment for
>alcoholics as it causes a person to loose their want for alcohol.  Used
>extensively in Japan.
>Interesting a weed you can't get rid of but valuable to others!