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Why do you have to Nuke soil from the outside, if you're not going to
transplant outside?  Why can't you use a nice potting mix and add your
BioVam Mycorrhiza?  All my container gardening are done with various kinds
of soiless mix.  My big container, and my verticle hanging sweet 100's are
turning ripe right now as we speak.  My Santa F 1 "grape" tomatoes are
starting to fruit the same way.  I keep them inside the screened in area of
the pool.  I'm also experimenting with big self watering containers back up
along my chain link fence.  The fence adds support like tomato cages.  I am
very anxious to see how my grape tomatoes do, I like the store bought kind,
and I'm sure the home vine ripened ones will be even better.  Despite all
the doom and gloom against Miracle-gro, I'm having quite a crop.  Of course,
I've also been using SuperThrive, so I can't just praise the Miracle-gro.  I
am going to go totally organic on the new raised garden bed, (which
hopefully I'm going to build one day), and also go organic in some of my
future containers.  I have not use insecticide on anything I've grown.
Gotta grow,  I mean go....

Peter, South Florida, Zone10

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Wouldn't it be nice if the Tomato plant could be grown as prolifically as
Kudzu?  I think I'll be adding a sweet 100 Cherry Tomato plant alongside my
40" bell pepper plant in my living room.  The pepper plant produces nice
bell peppers every month.  I've got a large pot and I'll have to nuke some
soil from outside and get the tomato growing with BioVam Mycorrhiza (of
course.)   Has anyone out there tried raising a sweet 100 inside?
I have a large southern exposure window that gets lots of sun (when it's
available) and as long as I keep the pots well watered, they seem to grow
very well.

My living room is starting to look like a nursery.  We always have a lot of
plants in the house, but maybe this is going too far.  As long as the dogs
leave the tomato's alone, it should work out.  I like the idea of having
tomatoes available all year round.

The pepper plant seems to be self-pollinating.  Are Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato
plants self pollinating?  Or, do I have to go over the blossoms with a

Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington