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Fri, 9 Apr 1999 20:30:13 -0700

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Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 5:42 PM
Subject: RE: [tomato] Sweet 100's grown inside...
>Why do you have to Nuke soil from the outside, if you're not going to
>transplant outside?  Why can't you use a nice potting mix and add your
>BioVam Mycorrhiza?  All my container gardening are done with various kinds
>of soiless mix.  My big container, and my verticle hanging sweet 100's are
>turning ripe right now as we speak.  My Santa F 1 "grape" tomatoes are
>starting to fruit the same way.

Dear Peter,

It's been my experience and that of a few scientists on the topic, that
Mycorrhiza works best with real dirt.  So, to avoid another nasty experience
with more fungus flies than I can count in a day, I figured it would be good
to wipe them all out by stinking up the house with cooked dirt.  <grin>

I've been using Renaissance Organic fertilizer... 6-2-5 for lawns and
gardens with the Mycorrhiza.  I put about 1.5 teaspoons of Mycorrhiza in the
bottom of the hole and set the tomato plant roots directly on it.  Then add
an inch or two of dirt and sprinkle a tablespoon of fertilizer around the
plant and then fill up the hole with soil.  Then mix about a cup of
fertilizer into the top of the soil out to a distance of about a foot from
the plant.  It would be good to put some aged compost in that soil mixture,
but since I am keeping it here in the living room... it might be better to
leave that out.  Or, when everyone starts asking, "Whew, what's that
smell?"... I could say, "Oh, that's the dog again."

Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington