RE: [tomato] Does Weed Killer affect tomatoes?

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To add my own 2 cents, I used ROUNDUP on my raised garden bed I made.  I was
advised that if I just dumped the dirt on the sod, it would grow right up
through the dirt.  I used roundup, and the label said to wait 3 or more days
for tomatoes, I think.  I gave two applications over a week, and then
planted a week later.  I have tomatoes and vegetables growing like a jungle.
The actual info is on ROUNDUP's label for each type of plant or
vegetable....check it out.

Pete, south florida

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Hi all,

A nice friend of mine has decided to let a poor soul like me use part of his
backyard for growing some tomatoes!!  However, he sprayed a weed killer
called "Round up" over the area a few months back to kill off some tall
weeds (he was planning to cement the area but ran out of money)

Is anyone familiar with Round-up and it's effect on gardening?  I've been
told it is a 'systemic' weed killer, although I'm not quite sure what that
means exactly...Should I till the soil or will that put the poison in the
soil deeper and be a long term detriment to my tomatoes?  Is there anything
I can add to the soil to counter act any lingering effects?

Trying to avoid a disaster...

Greg Park
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