[tomato] Tomato Fruit Set & Cold Weather

William McKay (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 12:50:34 PDT

It is my understanding that tomato flowers will not set fruit if the 
temperature drops below @ 50 degrees F.  Have several questions.  
First, is this accurate?  Second, if yes, is there a minimum period of 
time they need to below 50 before the blossoms are damaged, or is it 
if it occurs for any period of time.  Finally, does all this apply to 
Stupice tomatoes which supposedly do well in cool weather.

The reason I ask is I started a few stupice at the beginning of 
February.  Put them out in my unheated hoophouse two days ago because 
they were too big to fit inside.  They have at least one cluster of 
flowers.  Last night the temperature dropped to 34 degrees and the 
temperature inside the hoophouse went down to 42degrees;  actually, 
the tomatoes were probably slightly warmer since I had them under 
remay cloth.

Always hoping for early tomatoes
Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

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