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> Hi Jaime,
> You have an interesting system.  The water temp, however will probably skew
> your results. They will be far earlier than otherwise.  I also think you
> give too litle credit to the Wall O' Waters.  I used a max / min
> thermometer a ciuple of years ago and found 10 -15 degrees of improvement,
> depending on how sunny the preceding day was.  The water temp in the WOW is
> VERY significant as is the temp of your circulating water.  The proximity
> to the Ocean will also raise night temps in most cases.

Hi Chuck,
  I've heard that the WoW don't do much, so now I have both sides. 
 :-)  Guess I'll just have to see how they do here in my micro-clime.

Wasalso wondering if your sight is back up...and wanted to ask 
you if you could post the URL again. :-)

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