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Any copper fungicide is, by definition, not organic.  Organic, as I
understand it, means some compound of carbon and another commonly occurring
element such as oxygen.  Therefore, carbon dioxide (Co2) is organic.  The
distinction between organic and organic is silly, for in the organic world
is curare (sp?) a deadly poison and also asbestos.  Need I say more about
the dangers in of the organic world?  On the other hand, many inorganic
substances are beneficial and not to be feared.  This inorganic vs organic
debate is tiresome and unenlightened.  Curse me for the truth, I don't care.
Organic copper fungicide is about as organic as plastic.
Check this with a chemist with a degree in chemistry.  I just have a minor
in chemistry and worked with chemicals as a lab technician for 20 years.
But, don't take my word for it.  Check it out.

John Sorge
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> There is a chemical called copper fungicide, some organic
> sources claim it fits the organic criteria. It is a preventative.
> So you are a little late, Might help keep it from spreading
> to other "NightShade" crops.