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Go to Walmart and buy a 14-16 inch self watering plastic pots.  In the
summer you still have to water them every day for full grown tomato plants,
but the reservoir gives you some leeway.  You can plant up to two cherry
tomato plants with good results.  I even planted Santa F1 grape tomatoes and
sun gold tomatoes...looks good so far.  Despite the screaming on this list,
I used miracle gro and SUPERTHRIVE nutritional liquid.  I haven't done any
comparison trials, but I keep giving away the tomatoes I have so much.  Just
for fun, you might want to consider hanging "berry bags".  They worked great
for me.  They have a website under construction at:
or you can contact the owner at:
PJSFARM@AOL.COM   Paul Legge is a nice guy and he will help you out.  Hope I
was able to help you.

Peter M. White, South Florida, Zone 10

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<< I have started some cherry tomato plants, and need to know what size pot
 they will ultimately need >>

A couple of years ago, I grew a cherry tomato in a 5 gal container.  The
plant looked pretty healthy all summer, but the fruit wasn't as sweet as
those that came out of the garden.  I do very little container growing, so
hopefully someone else can give you better advice.