[tomato] Checking In And Catching Up

Lynne (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 12:33:31 -0600

Hi Everyone,
I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd stick my head in today and
give an update.  I've been spending most of my free time (at least
during the daylight hours) in the garden, and evenings I've been working
on a plant stand.  My ITG tomatoes were transplanted to the garden
several weeks ago and they've gone through several bad storms but are
still hanging on.  Two of the plants were cut off by hail damage with
only a few inches of stem left but I noticed yesterday that new leaves
are emerging. We had another storm last night but I haven't been out to
check for anymore damage since it's still raining today.

I have a question about one of my peppers that hopefully someone can
answer for me, possibly John since this is one of the varieties I'm
growing from the seeds you sent me.  It's the Mirasol pepper.  I've read
that the Mirasol points to the sun.  Does this mean the pepper points to
the sun or that the plant points to the sun?  My Mirasol plants are
robust and healthy looking, but on a cloudy day, they "bend over at the
waist" but then stand back up when the sun's shining.  Is this normal?

Also, does anyone have any information on the Papalo pepper, such as how
large the plant grows?  I've searched the internet, checked the public
library, and looked through all my seed catalogs and have not found this
pepper listed anywhere.

SW Missouri  USDA Zone 6