Re: [tomato] Advice on starting my nxt crop of Tomatoes

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:30:39 -0400

Hi Doreen,

The difference between most of theMortgage Lifter strains, of which I have
grown eight, is that the Red Mortgage Lifter V.F.N. has more disease
resistance, is more prolific, has slightly smaller and more even fruit
while displaying a red color as opposed to the pinkof the others.  The
breeding and selection involved was by Jeff McCormack.

I agree with you on the other varieties you mention.  I think many folks
say a tomato tastes good but they have nothing but the supermarket types
with which to compare it.  I often wonder "good compared to what?).  The
cardboard shipping box would tasteno worse than some of those.  Home or
locally grown hybrids are certainly a step upward but there is still
another step that so many of us have never taken.  I wish more people would
give the tomatoes of our grandparents' day a try.  There is a flavor there
that must be tasted to be believed and there's good reason for it.  When
they hybrids came into vogue, taste was not a major factor and as a result
it was lost in the process.

Good gardening,
Chuck Wyatt