RE: [tomato] Confess Your Gardening Fetish

John Sorge (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 19:20:36 -0500

I use sardines packed in brine to fertilize my tomatoes.  One small fish for
one big tomato plant.  I always get great results.

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> Subject: [tomato] Confess Your Gardening Fetish
> Hi All,
> I'm writing another article for Old Farmer's Almanac's Gardener's
> Companion
> and gathering stories from gardeners about the strangest thing they have
> done to their plants and will admit to.  If you got results, that would be
> great, too! <grin>  Martha already is admitting to feeding her tomatoes
> multivitamins. I'm sure others can top that!  Do any of you weed at
> midnight, plow in the nude, collect dog hair for the compost bin, etc.?  I
> can, in return for your confessions, give you instant fame in the
> April 2000
> issue of Gardener's Companion and two copies of the book.
> Please email me off-list, unless you really want to confess to everyone!
> Doreen Howard